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Kyokushin 6th Kyu


Chusoku Gedan Mawashi Geri

Chusoku Gedan Mawashi Geri is a technique in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Ball of Foot Low Roundhouse Kick.' This technique involves executing a roundhouse kick with the ball of the foot to target the opponent's lower body. The term 'Chusoku' refers to the ball of the foot, 'Gedan' indicates the low level, 'Mawashi' means roundhouse, and 'Geri' refers to the kick. It is commonly used to target the opponent's thigh, knee, or lower leg with speed and precision.




  • 下段gedan / lower body
  • 蹴りgeri / kick
  • 回しmawashi / turn / rotate
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