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Karate Shotokan 7th Kyu


Renoji Dachi

Renoji Dachi, also known as the 'L-Stance' in Shotokan karate, is a stance that combines elements of stability and mobility. In this stance, one foot is placed forward with the toes pointing straight ahead, while the other foot is positioned at a 45-degree angle to the side, creating an 'L' shape. The feet are about one shoulder-width apart, with the front knee slightly bent and the back leg straight. The weight distribution is predominantly on the back leg, allowing for quick movements and shifts in direction. Renoji Dachi is used to maintain a defensive posture while being prepared for swift transitions to other stances or techniques.

Renoji Dachiレの字立ち

Renoji Dachi


  • 立ちdachi / stance
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