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Karate Shotokan 2nd Kyu


Ashi Barai

Ashi Barai, or 'Foot Sweep,' is a classic sweeping technique in Shotokan Karate used to destabilize and unbalance an opponent. The goal of Ashi Barai is to sweep the opponent's leg out from under them, causing them to fall or lose their balance. To execute this technique, the practitioner steps forward or sideways to get within range of the opponent’s leg. Using a quick, sweeping motion with the foot, they target the opponent's ankle or lower leg. The sweeping leg remains relatively straight and moves in a controlled arc, aiming to make contact with the inside or outside of the opponent's leg. Proper timing and positioning are critical, as the sweep must coincide with the opponent's weight shift to be effective. Once contact is made, the practitioner's leg sweeps through, following through the motion to ensure the opponent is taken off balance. Ashi Barai is often used in conjunction with other strikes or as a setup for follow-up attacks, emphasizing precision, timing, and the ability to read the opponent's movements.


  • ashi / feet, leg
  • 回しmawashi / turn / rotate
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