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Karate Shotokan 10th Kyu


Oi Zuki

Chudan Oi Zuki is a technique in Shotokan karate. It translates to 'Middle-Level Lunge Punch.' This technique involves lunging forward with the lead hand (oi zuki) to deliver a punch aimed at the opponent's midsection or torso. The term 'Chudan' refers to the middle level. It is one of the basic and fundamental techniques in Shotokan karate, emphasizing speed, power, and proper body mechanics.




  • 青いaoi / blue
  • 白いshiroi / white
  • 黒いkuroi / black
  • 黄色いkiiroi / yellow
  • 茶色chairoi / brown
  • 良いyoi / good
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