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Kyokushin 9th Kyu


Ko Kutsu Dachi

Ko Kutsu Dachi, also known as the Back Stance, is a stance used in Kyokushin karate. It is characterized by a narrow and deep stance with the majority of the weight on the back leg. The front foot is turned inward, usually at a 45-degree angle, while the back foot remains straight. The back knee is typically bent, providing stability and mobility. Ko Kutsu Dachi is often used for defensive purposes, allowing the practitioner to quickly evade attacks by shifting weight to the back leg and creating distance from the opponent. It is also used to deliver powerful counterattacks, utilizing the momentum generated by pushing off from the back leg. Practitioners train in Ko Kutsu Dachi to develop balance, agility, and the ability to transition smoothly between offensive and defensive techniques.

Ko Kutsu後屈立ち

Ko Kutsu


  • こめかみkomekami / temple (anatomy)
  • 鎖骨sakotsu / collar bone
  • yoko / w bok
  • neko / cat
  • 立ちdachi / stance
  • 平行heiko / parallel
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