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Kyokushin 8th Kyu


Kiba Dachi

Kiba Dachi, also known as the Horse Stance, is a foundational stance used in Kyokushin karate. It is characterized by a wide and deep stance resembling the position of a horse. In Kiba Dachi, the feet are positioned shoulder-width apart or wider, with the toes pointing forward or slightly outward. The knees are bent deeply, bringing the body's center of gravity low to the ground. The weight is evenly distributed between both legs, providing stability and strength. Kiba Dachi is often used for developing leg strength, stability, and balance in Kyokushin karate training. It is also used for practicing various techniques, such as strikes, blocks, and stances. Proper execution of Kiba Dachi involves maintaining a straight back, keeping the knees aligned with the toes, and grounding the feet firmly to the floor. Practitioners train in Kiba Dachi to develop a solid foundation for their martial arts practice and to enhance their overall physical conditioning.




  • 立ちdachi / stance
  • 騎馬kiba / cavalier / horseman
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