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Kyokushin 3rd Kyu


Ushiro Hiji Ate

Ushiro Hiji Ate is a technique in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Rear Elbow Strike.' This technique involves delivering an elbow strike targeting the opponent from behind. The term 'Ushiro' refers to the rear, 'Hiji' indicates the elbow, and 'Ate' refers to the strike. It is often used as a surprise attack or in close-quarters combat to incapacitate the opponent.


  • hiji / elbow
  • 後ろushiro / back
  • 当てate / strike
  • tate / vertical
  • 八字hachiji / eight characters
  • 空手着karategi / Karate-gi, appelé Kimono dans plusieurs pays
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