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Karate Kyokushin 3rd Kyu


Gedan Shuto Juji Uke

Gedan Shuto Juji Uke is a technique in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Lower-Level Knife-Hand Cross Block.' This technique involves using a knife-hand block in a cross formation to defend against lower-level attacks. The term 'Gedan' refers to the lower level, 'Shuto' indicates the knife-hand, 'Juji' means cross, and 'Uke' refers to the block. It is commonly employed to intercept kicks or low strikes and redirect them away from the body.




  • 手刀shuto / knife Hand
  • 下段gedan / lower body
  • 受けuke / block
  • 十字juji / cross
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