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Kyokushin 1st Kyu


Chudan Oyayubi Ipponken

Chudan Oyayubi Ipponken is a technique in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Middle-Level Thumb One-Knuckle Fist.' This technique involves forming a fist where the thumb presses against the base of the index finger, creating a single-knuckle striking surface. The term 'Chudan' refers to the middle level, 'Oyayubi' indicates thumb, 'Ipponken' denotes one-knuckle fist. It is commonly used for close-range strikes to vulnerable areas such as the solar plexus, ribs, or abdomen.




  • 親指oyayubi / thumb
  • 中段chudan / middle part of the body, chest area
  • 一本拳ipponken / one fist
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