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Kyokushin 10th Kyu


Yoi Dachi / Heiko Dachi

Heiko Dachi, also known as the Parallel Stance, is a foundational stance in Kyokushin karate. In this stance, the practitioner stands with feet parallel to each other and shoulder-width apart. The knees are slightly bent, and the weight is evenly distributed between both legs, promoting balance and stability. Heiko Dachi is often used for basic movements, such as transitioning between techniques or maintaining a neutral position in preparation for various attacks or defenses. While it may not be as dynamic as some other stances, Heiko Dachi is essential for developing proper posture, alignment, and coordination in Kyokushin karate practice.




  • 打ち / 内uchi / strike / inside
  • 立ちdachi / stance
  • 良いyoi / good
  • 平行heiko / parallel
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