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Kyokushin 10th Kyu


Seiken Mae Gedan Barai

Seiken Mae Gedan Barai is a blocking technique used in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Front Fist Downward Sweep.' In this technique, the practitioner uses the front fist to execute a downward sweeping motion, typically aimed at blocking or deflecting low-level attacks directed toward the body (gedan). The movement involves a swift and decisive motion downward with the fist, intended to intercept and redirect the opponent's strike. Seiken Mae Gedan Barai is often employed to protect the lower body from kicks or low punches, and it can create openings for counterattacks. Proper execution of this technique requires timing, coordination, and precision to effectively defend against the opponent's attack while maintaining balance and stability.


  • 下段gedan / lower body
  • mae / in front of
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