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Kyokushin 10th Kyu


Seiken Gedan Oi Tsuki

Seiken Gedan Oi Tsuki is a punching technique used in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Lower-Level Punch (Lunge Punch).' In this technique, the practitioner steps forward explosively with one leg while simultaneously delivering a punch to the opponent's lower region (gedan). The punch is typically aimed at the abdomen, groin, or legs. The forward momentum generated by the lunge adds power to the punch, making it a swift and forceful attack. Seiken Gedan Oi Tsuki is often used to close the distance between the practitioner and the opponent, allowing for quick and impactful strikes to the lower body. It requires precise timing and coordination of footwork, hip rotation, and arm extension for effective execution.




  • 下段gedan / lower body
  • 青いaoi / blue
  • 白いshiroi / white
  • 黒いkuroi / black
  • 黄色いkiiroi / yellow
  • 茶色chairoi / brown
  • 突きtsuki / punch
  • 良いyoi / good
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