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Kyokushin 10th Kyu


Hiza Ganmen Geri

Hiza Ganmen Geri is a kicking technique used in Kyokushin karate. It translates to 'Knee Strike to the Face.' In this technique, the practitioner delivers a powerful knee strike to the opponent's face (ganmen). The knee is raised explosively towards the target, utilizing the momentum of the body for maximum impact. Hiza Ganmen Geri is a close-range technique often used in self-defense situations or in close combat scenarios. It aims to incapacitate the opponent by delivering a forceful strike to a vulnerable area. Proper execution of Hiza Ganmen Geri requires precise timing, distance control, and hip rotation to generate sufficient power in the strike while maintaining balance and stability.




  • hiza / knee
  • 蹴りgeri / kick
  • 顔面ganmen / Face
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